About myguide


We do tour guides, but waaaaaay better.


Imagine you moved to your favourite place abroad and lived there for ten years. Then you invented a time machine, came back to today and showed yourself around. That's myguide, kind of.

What we do and why we do it..

We are a small team of technologists based in the UK who love to travel and meet interesting people. This venture began as a product of our passion for discovering new places and finding the small secrets that make them unique. When we're not writing code we're invariably scouring Google Flights and airbnb for our next adventure. Those two steps alone combine to create affordable, genuine experiences in places we wouldn't have otherwise thought to visit, but the persistent feeling that there was something missing lingered. So myguide was born.

A place where anyone can become a guide, to share what they love about their place in the world. Just tell us about yourself and some things you love and we'll find likeminded travellers who want to discover your city or area with you. We hope to provide unique, friendly experiences in every corner of the globe that you could hope to explore. Not only discovering a new place with the experience of a local, but with an individual who shares your interest in culture or your taste in music or food and can show you their city in the way you would want to see it.