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Imagine you are in Berlin, a town full of scars, myths and the most fascinating history of the 20th Century. Imagine that you have someone to show you exactly what, where and how it happened, using pictures to help your imagination. Imagine that you can choose, spontaneusly, what it´s the period you want to learn about and adapt the tour to your needs.

Imagine you are walking with a friend who is actually a guide.

Enough! You imagined already so much... Come now to Berlin: I have many places I want to show you!

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About Anabel


How to define myself if youtube itself doesn´t know what to suggest me? If a have to define myself in such a small space I will define myself as someone communicative, expressive and cheerful in a very serious way. I like reading, traveling, learning and taking care of my plants since I cannot have pets.

I work as a professional tour guide in Berlin and also in different cultural projects of this amazing city.