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Our meeting point will be a coffee, a mythical historical spot that reconstructs and interpretes the 20s in the modern Berlin spirit. There while you wait for me, you can enjoy not only a very good coffee prepared perhaps by my favourite Italian waitress but also some good jazz music that has been played around here for years and suddenly you'll start to travel with your own imagination. Then, our tour starts between art installations, beautiful old fashioned houses, dramatic stories, tripping stones, the life of Albert Einstein, David Bowie and many others wonderful figures to arrive to the historical point where John F. Kennedy said the famous world: "I'm a Berliner". But it's not all. After discovering today's Pop/Club Culture and didactic methods I'll leave you wondering with beautiful ghosts that will keep on narrating the stories hidden here in every corner. Dream of Berlin with me!

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About Giorgia

Like Mary Poppins or the ethernal wanderin Jews my origins are uncertain, almost legendary, though I raised in Italy and as a character I have the warm passion and crazy temperament of that part of the Planet. I arrived in Berlin by mistake or by some magic sourcery and since then the city has been my lovely godmother. I believe in melting pots and in opening Pandora's box. I would like never stop learning.. I got this year the Berlin licence as touristic guide and I never will stop telling new stories and wandering about this amazing city.