Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp



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In this tour you going to know how was the daily life of the prisoners of Sachsenhausen.

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About Mateo

I'm from Montevideo and I have 28 years old. I'm living and studying History and Philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin since 2012.

I know pretty well the History of the Holocaust and therefore I would like to guide people to the Memorial of Sachsenhausen. I went there already five times with different people and I've enjoyed to tell them what I know about this place. I've lived one year in Munich and I had the opportunity to meet the former secretary of Joseph Goebbels, which is something that I love to tell to the visitors of the camp. I'm also familiar with the Story of nazis war criminals that escaped to to Argentina. So this Kind of Storys could be really interesting for visitors of South America!