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Let me take you on an alternative tour of Berlin, this place has so much to offer and I have so much to show you.

After the obligatory sightseeing section of the tour we will be kicking it up a gear by fitting in some of Berlin's famously alternative "Poor But Sexy" locations, while paying particular attention to the attitude and culture that attracts people in their thousands.

People come from all over the world trying to figure out why this place has such a lasting appeal, take it from me this place has so much more than just soaking up the history and listening to the same story that has been told countless times.

This tour will show you a good balance of old Berlin and the "Poor But Sexy" lifestyle of the new Berlin that we all love.

If you have any special requests or if there are specific destinations you would like to visit, I am of course more than happy to try facilitate this within the time of the tour, don't be shy just ask and you shall receive!


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About Austin

I am a 30 year old Irish man that has been living in Berlin long enouh to have seen just about every side to this beautiful city.

I have come here to develop and build on everything I have learned throughout my life, what do you mean by this I hear you ask.... well its simple, the way I think is somewhat alternative and this city really encourages this thought process. That is why I am here and that is why I love this city.

Coming on a tour of Berlin with me will cover some of the must see landmarks but I wont be sticking to this path for too long as it is of course the run of the mill tour and this I believe gets boring. Berlin has so much to offer it would be a shame to just see some landmarks without seeing the alternative and international scene this city has attracted.

We all want some excitement in our life and I know just where to bring you to make sure your Berlin experience is a lasting one, one that you will have fond memories of for quite some time. We will cover some ground by foot, by rail and depending on the size of the group we might also sneak in a trip along the Spree river that flows through this low-lying concrete metropolis. Leave your inhibitions at the door and lets get to it Berlin style!